Pattern: Feather Grain

Color: Grape

Fabric Type: Vinyl

Material Specifications:

75% Polyester, 25% Polyurethane
100% Polyester
Up the Roll
17.65 oz./yd
54 inches
Physical Properties
Class 4 (ASTM D3511) Brush Pill 182 lbs. warp, 118 lbs. weft (ASTM D5034) Breaking Strength 44 lbs. warp, 52 lbs. weft (ASTM D4034) Seam Slippage 50,000 cycles (CFFA 10) Flex Resistance Pass (ISO 1419) 5 weeks
Light Fastness
Class 4/200 hrs. min. (AATCC16A)
Color Fastness
Class 4 (ASTM D3597, AATCC 8) Wet Class 4 (ASTM D3597, AATCC 8) Dry
California Tech. Bulletin #117-2013 UFAC Class 1 NFPA 260 Class 1 MVSS 302
A clean cloth, dampened with the appropriate cleaning solution, should be applied to the affected areas as soon as possible. Blot the fabric with the treated cloth, working from the outer edge of the stained area and moving in toward the center. In order to effectively draw out the stain, renew the cleaning cloth as often as necessary to maintain an absorbent surface. Clean all stained areas as soon as possible in accordance with the recommended stain removal procedures. Spot clean with upholstery shampoo, foam from a mild detergent, or mild dry cleaning solvent. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is not a recommended cleaning method. Clean spots or stains from the outside to the middle of the affected area to prevent circling. (see Stain Removal Matrix below). 1. Soap and water 2. Difficult stains use Fantastik® or Formula 409® 3. Disinfects with 5:1 water / bleach solution

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Feather Grain | Grape

Feather Grain | Grape

Feather Grain | Dusty

Feather Grain | Dusty

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