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Are you planning an event? Have you figured out your seating arrangements? Not yet? Don’t take this lightly as this is a make-or-break moment for the success of your event. 

Why is it essential for you to ensure a good seating arrangement? 

From decoration to food, performances to lighting, an event takes a lot in becoming a memorable day and there is no limit in making your event the extravagant talk of the ton. But, in this constant back and forth, what often gets the least attention is the seating plan. Well, it is, if not more, an equally important facet of your event. Imagine you are putting up a grant event. You have called in professional dancers, there is music and lighting, and some bashing performances. Would any of it matter if your guests are not able to enjoy themselves to their fullest? A well-planned seating arrangement ensures that your guests get a comfortable space to sit and enjoy the event which you have planned. It would be wrong to keep your guests standing or have insufficient seating. Having uncomfortable seating or inappropriate spacing between the seats is again an alarming issue. Hence, do not undermine the importance of a well-planned seating arrangement while planning your big day

 What to consider while planning seating arrangements? 

There are many factors that come into play while planning your seating arrangement. Hence, it is important for you to maintain a checklist.

Read below to know what all your checklist must entail: 

  • Number of Guests: Every person at your event will, by definition, require a seat. It is ideal to reserve a few additional seats for any unexpected visitors who may accompany invited persons or who may have neglected to RSVP or reserve their space but still wish to come.
  • Guest List: If your guest list includes tactical seating, such as separating unpleasant visitors or keeping parents with their children, you must consider this while planning your seating arrangements. Smaller tables may be preferable for an event mostly attended by couples, while larger tables may be required if large families are present.
  • Table Space: The tables you rent should be able to fit any surface area your visitors require. A meal gathering requires enough room for table settings so that attendees don't accidentally bump each other's plates. Consider whether attendees will require room for computers or other devices during a business presentation.
  • View: Where will your visitors be looking when they are seated? If there is only one place to be seen, such as a speaker's podium or a viewscreen, seating should be set such that all attendees have a good view. A less formal meal, on the other hand, can benefit from more compact seating with people gazing in different directions.
  • Conversation: Seating should be structured to allow for simple communication if your visitors will be interacting with one another, such as establishing discussion groups or simply conversing over a meal. Smaller, more personal tables will encourage people to converse with one another more effectively.
  • Floor Space: All of your rental seats must fit inside the event venue's floor space, but don't forget to account for additional, non-seating necessities, such as an aisle, buffet table, dance floor, gift table, or other requirements. There should also be adequate space for visitors to circulate about the event by passing between nearby chairs and tables.

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