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Whether you own a restaurant or would just like to set up a relaxing spot in your yard, if you are in a hot climate, not just any stylish-looking furniture will suffice. For hot climates, you need furniture that will withstand the unrelenting sun without fading out. But you also need chairs that won’t get burning hot sitting out.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture appropriate for hot climate, read on to find out what factors you need to consider in order to make an informed decision.

  • Temperature

Metal chairs form the majority of outdoor seating. And they come in a wide variety of colors and designs. But under the scorching sun, they can become incredibly hot, rendering them unusable. Metal chairs are great for shaded seating areas, but not so great under the sun. So you might want to avoid these if you are in a warm climate.

  • Durability

So with metal chairs out of the picture, we need to find a material that will survive the sun and won't fade or wear out. Plastic chairs are cheap and pretty, but they won't be as durable. You need furniture that will be able to withstand UV rays and that won't deform unler prolonged exposure to the sun and very dry air. Synthetic resin can be a great option for this purpose.

  • Maintenance

Now what about maintenance? If you choose to go for materials like wood or bamboo, they will be durable and go with the climate giving you a classy look, they will gather dust and other buildup from hand oils, cooking vapours, and cleaning products, and will be sticky and harder to clean. Materials like teak will develop a gray patina over time and will need to be cleaned more often (and the cleaning won't be easy). And you'll have to apply teak sealant yearly to maintain a natural color.

You can also go for materials like synthetic teak, artificial concrete, reclaimed wood, walnut laminate, onyx laminate, and pearlwood laminate. At Prince Seating, we have an array of elegant options to go with your decor and the overall theme of your restaurant/home.

So without a clear winner, as a consumer or restaurant/business owner, you will need to make the choice for yourself after weighing your options. After all, it is your individual needs that make the most difference.

The purpose of outdoor seating

Dry winter months (or in a sunny place, any time of the year) are a great time to relax outside while you soak up some sun. It can also make for a great dining experience to eat out in the open. So whether you are a homeowner or it’s your restaurant, you can certainly take advantage of the sun.

How to make the outdoor dining experience more pleasurable?

While the ambience of a cafe or restaurant is only secondary to the taste of the food while attracting business, it is true that customers love to relax and eat out in the sun- they enjoy the experience and the food somehow tastes even better.

Furthermore, there are ways to make this experience even more pleasurable:

  • Put out parasols: In case it is too hot, putting out parasols on your tables can allow customers to enjoy the sun without having to face direct sunshine- so they can eat in peace without sun rays hitting their faces. This will also add to the vibe of your restaurant and be pleasant to look at. Or you can build a couple gazebos if you have the space.
  • Seating arrangement: Based on the amount of space available (in your backyard or your sidewalk), you will need to choose your arrangement accordingly. Like if you have a large space, you could go for parasols and double benches. But if you have to make do on a sidewalk, you will need to go for something smaller.

With these pointers in mind, ultimately, this is a choice you will need to make for yourself. You can also go for stackable outdoor chairs if storage is a problem for you. And if you will be putting out pillows too, you will need to choose fabric covers that can withstand the sun.

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