Senta Flip Table Base | 20PR813

Simple and robust, this table can be horizontally stacked.
The structure is made of die-cast and extruded aluminium, with table rotation joints, and is accessorized with plastic handle below the top.

It can be fitted with two or four rear wheels, including two equipped with brake, to facilitate movement.

Available Heights:

Available Sizes & Specifications:

27.83 in
70.7 cm
Base Size
54.06 x 30.47 in
137.3 x 77.4 cm
Max Rectangle Top
39.37 x 55.12 in
100 x 140 cm
27.83 in
70.7 cm
Base Size
61.93 x 30.47 in
157.3 x 77.4 cm
Max Rectangle Top
39.37 x 62.99 in
100 x 160 cm

Standard & Optional Product Features:

Lead Time: 8-10 Weeks


Frame Finishes

Embossed White Painted

Embossed Black Painted

Embossed Aluminum Painted

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