WRB Use, Care, & Warranty

Furniture made using WRB technology

The manufacturer provides a 3 year warranty for furniture using WRB (Weather Resistant Beech) technology, provided that the rules for its use and the maintenance of its preservation treatment are observed.

Please read the following information carefully:


Furniture made using WRB technology is manufactured from solid wood permeated with an impregnating agent. The impregnating agent penetrates deep into the pores of the wood and fills them, enriching and stabilising the structure of the wood and making the furniture suitable for outdoor use. When applied, the impregnating agent accentuates the natural beauty and structure of the wood. For this reason, certain inherent, natural features of the wood, such as knots and medullary rays, may be visible either in individual components in an item of furniture, as well as, in individual items of furniture. This makes each product unique in appearance.


  1. Furniture made using WRB technology may be used both indoors and outdoors.
  2. The recommended temperature range is between 41°F and 140°F in sunlight.
  3. Furniture should not be left covered in snow. Any snow on the furniture should be removed immediately.
  4. Chair legs must not be placed in puddles of water.
  5. Long-term soaking of the furniture’s surface should be avoided. If the surface does become wet, e.g. due to rainfall, the furniture should be wiped until dry.
  6. If using outdoors, to prevent moisture from gathering on the surface, when not in use, chairs should be left in a slightly inclined position, allowing the water to run off freely rather than collect and pool on the surface. Chairs and stools also should be left in a manner which reduces the risk of falling as any physical damage to the protective layer will reduce its moisture resistance.
  7. To protect the underside of the legs, as well as the floor, furniture made using the WRB technology must be fitted with protective pads or glides which have been designed for use under furniture.
  8. Rooms where furniture made using WRB technology is used, should be ventilated on a regular basis.
  9. If the furniture made using WRB technology is exposed to sunlight, attention should be paid to the temperature of the furniture’s surface, especially when dark in colors, as heat absorption is quicker than heat loss. We suggest using covers or cushions which will reduce the risk of direct skin contact with any possible hot surface’s.
  10. The products must be wiped dry before stacking.
  11. It is recommended to cover the furniture which are stacked, especially in case of long storage periods.
  12. All seating products, i.e. side chairs, armchairs, or any stools, regardless of height, are intended for one user only, at any one time, and are guaranteed safe for loads of up to 250 lbs.
  13. Furniture (chairs or tables) should be used in accordance with its design, intended use and manner of use, for example, no standing on chair seats, sitting on armrests, leaning or rocking whilst the chair is in use, etc.
  14. Furniture should be placed on a level surface; toppling or throwing the furniture should be avoided.
  15. We do not recommend hanging clothes or bags on chair or stool backs as this may cause the chair to lose its stability, tip over and the impact may damage the chair.
  16. We do not recommend that furniture (chairs or table tops) are placed upside down on table tops, as a fall from such a height may damage the chair.
  17. Furniture should not be placed closer than 3 feet from active heat sources, such as heaters, stoves, fireplaces, etc. The furniture is not fireproof.
  18. The surfaces of the furniture should be protected in use against potential sources of damage, e.g. hot objects, alcohols, solvents or caustic substances such as strong acids or oxidizing agents, as they may cause discolouration or fading.
  19. Contact with sharp or rough objects, e.g. trouser rivets, metal zips, abrasive seams/edges, or heavy objects, as well as pets/animals’ claws or teeth, may damage, dent or scratch the furniture.
  20. Certain products are built using wooden components with a square or rectangular cross- section or metal elements, e.g. screws; special care should be taken therefore, when children use or are close to the furniture.
  21. Parents should pay attention in particular as to how their children treat the furniture’s surface, e.g. biting, licking, etc.
  22. Furniture joints should be examined periodically. Any joints which become loose during use should be fixed by tightening the appropriate screws or joining elements.
  23. When moving chairs, it is recommended to hold the chair by the frame, e.g. seat sides or backs, using both hands.


  1. Furniture should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent dust/dirt from gathering and lying on the furniture for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Surface dust should be removed using a dry, soft and clean cloth. Smudges may be cleaned using a soft, damp cloth and be dried by wiping with a soft, dry cloth immediately afterwards. Visible smudges such as grease, on the furniture’s surface may be cleaned using a solution prepared from a few drops of ordinary dishwashing liquid dissolved in a liter of water. The surface should be dried by wiping it with a soft, dry cloth immediately afterwards.
  3. Cleaning agents containing abrasives, abrasive sponges, solvents and chemical cleaning agents, should not be used for cleaning purposes. Using them may damage the furniture.


  1. Maintenance of furniture made using WRB technology is easy. The furniture does not require sanding before application of the preservative.
  2. Maintenance of furniture made using WRB technology should be carried out at least once every 9 months, in accordance with the instructions attached to the preservative.
  3. Only the preserving agent recommended by the furniture manufacturer should be used for treating the wood. We caution against using chemical or other agents not specified by the furniture manufacturer, for preserving the furniture.
  4. The preservative is a hydrophobic substance used for its water-resistant properties. It is not designed to be used to compensate for any physical damage to, or loss of, the original protective layer applied to the furniture. Therefore, to prolong the protective properties of the layer, it is crucial to avoid any physical damage over the course of normal furniture use.
  5. Furniture intended for the preservation process should be clean and dry. Before commencing the preservation process, remove any smudges as per III.2.
  6. Preservation process:
  • apply the preservative evenly to the cleaned surface and leave it for several minutes; then, remove any excess using a piece of cloth
  • let the furniture dry for 2 hours
  • for the best results, we recommend that the preservation process is repeated


  1. The furniture manufacturer advises that, there may be differences in colour or colour depth, in individual pieces of furniture, even when buying several pieces of the same item from the same furniture collection offered by the manufacturer. This can be due to variations in production processes and technologies, as well as due to the natural and characteristic varying structure of wood and natural veneers, colours, rings, medullary rays and grain patterns. These variations are dependent on, and will be affected by, the habitat and climatic conditions the trees are exposed to, resulting in batch to batch diversity of product.
  2. Furniture ordered to complement already used products, may differ due to natural aging processes, but may also be due to manufacturing changes in the technology, design or finishing, or due to varying properties in the raw materials used.
  3. When the furniture reaches the end of its life, please follow best practice and the standard and correct procedures for handling waste, i.e. hand the furniture over to an authorized entity which will ensure its disposal in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.
  4. Please observe any instructions, guidelines, suggestions or recommendations, related to the furniture purchased. This will ensure a long product life and help avoid damage from inappropriate use and mis-treatment of the furniture.
  5. Information contained in the manual is based on our current level of knowledge. The product may not be used for any purposes other than those specified in section II.
  6. The user is responsible for undertaking all measures necessary to ensure compliance in the purchase, use and disposal of the furniture, in line with local legal and regulatory requirements.
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