Kings Chair | 20PR1049

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Kings chair responds to the intention to merge without paying functional or aesthetic prices, a chair that can be considered without arms, but at the same time have a low back and long ends to allow use them as an arm of courtesy . With personality and uniqueness, its formal aspect searchs to express familiarity. Meant to be a chair friendly, nothing strident, without exaggerated ergonomic shapes. King seeks effectively, both in its use and in its formal aspect. It is simple and straightforward, nice-looking and elegant at once. Transmits silence and restraint, it also achieves an extreme comfort.

Chair for indoor and outdoor use. Injected with fiberglass and PP using gas assisted injection moulding tecnology. Stackable. UV protection.


20.67 In
52.5 Cm
19.69 In
50 Cm
29.06 In
73.8 Cm
Seat Height
17.76 In
45.1 Cm
Arm Height
28.35 In
72 Cm
7.72 Lbs
3.5 Kgs
Stackability: 8 High     Lead Time: Contact us

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